With the Adiabax Connector you can synchronize your merchandise management system Advarics with any Shopify webshop.

Overview of ShopyAdvarics features

  • Articles marked as WebShop articles in Advarics are synchronized with Shopify
  • You can decide whether descriptions, images, prices and web shop categories should always be synchronized, only managed during product creation or directly managed in the online shop
  • Stock always updated (every time you sync)
  • Size, color (inhouse and supplier) and brands can be imported in Shopify
  • Webshop product names can be put together from the concatenation of individual Advarics data. Example brand – ArticleName – ArticleNo
  • Choose whether to merge Advarics items with the same Articlenumber into a single Shopify product or keep the Advarics item structure (one item -> one webshop product)
  • Web shop orders are uploaded to the merchandise management system in real time; cancellations and refunds are also synchronized
  • Advaric’s data can be imported as Shopify Metafields Shopify label for size and color attributes can be customized through the interface
  • Shopify locations can be mapped with Advarics Stores; in this way it’s possible to synchronize different stocks with different Shopify locations.
  • New webshop customers are imported in Advarics
  • Synchronization can be scheduled and executed as an automatic process; starting from every 10 minutes so that your webshop is always aligned with your management system
  • If you already have a Shopify web store, use the reverse sync feature, to link your web products to existing Advarics products.
  • Multilingual settings page –  DE/EN/IT