With the Adiabax WordPress plugin you can synchronize your merchandise management system Globalsys with any Woocommerce webshop.

Advarics Woocommerce Schnittstelle


The Globalsys Woocommerce Connector adds the following major features:

  • Articles marked as WebShop articles in Globalsys are synchronized with WooCommerce
  • Prices and stock always updated
  • Webshop orders and new customers uploaded to the inventory management system in real time
  • No Excel tables or CSV files to balance items, inventory and order status
  • Synchronization can be planned and executed as automatic process
  • Assign size, color (Inhouse and supplier), brand and extra attributes as Woocommerce attributes.
  • Short and long descriptions, product images, categories and extra texts can also be imported.
  • unsuccessful Webshop orders (e.g. a click-and-collect order in which the customer does not pick up the goods) can be canceled with one click
  • the Globalsys Woocommerce interface offers many other settings such as synchronization keys for products and variants, synchronization method (all articles, articles that have been changed since the last synchronization, individual articles); the settings can be selected by the user