Shopify Advarics Connector SIMULATORE

License key: 147_BKxiicrDaJUa
Expiration date: 20240120

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* Required ** Required to connect with Advarics, keep blank for test data
Advarics Settings
Advarics Service-Id **
Advarics API URL **
Advarics Webshop-ID
Advarics Next Webshop customer number
The service ID and API URL must be requested directly from Advarics. These are the keys used to connect the connector to the management system. For testing purposes, you can leave the Service ID field blank; test data will be used in this case.

Remember to mark the Advarics products you wish to import and synchronize as Webshop products
Shopify Settings
Shopify Shop name *
Third-party custom domain
Shopify API Key *
Shopify Admin API access token *
Shopify Shared Secret *
Shopify Locations Single Default Multi location
A Shopify Custom App is used to connect your management system to Shopify. You will need to report the API key, API Token and Shared secret Key in this configuration form.

A guide to creating the custom app and obtaining the required codes can be found here.

Advarics stores/branches can be mapped with Shopify locations; This configuration impacts how quantities will be split on the different Shopify locations. Therefore, choose the correct mapping to avoid stock mismatches between Advarics and your online shop.
Where to find the Shopify location configuration

For any questions or requests please contact our Support
Product Settings
Only updates Create new and update existing products Only update existing products
New product status Draft Published
Split/Merge of Advarics Products Split in single webshop products (native Advarics)
Merge products with same Article No
Out of Stock Product/Variants Create/Keep online out of stock Products/Variants
Skip/delete out of stock Products/Variants
Synchronization mode for Title, Excerpt and Content Exclusively on product creation Always (Advarics master)
Product Name
Product Color
Size attribute label
Color attribute label
Product inventory ID
IMPORTANT: this is the code used to identify a product inventory/variation
Shopify SKU Shopify Barcode
Prices Always assign Advarics price and recommended price Reset compared price if equal to price
Product Category (values as Shopify Tags)
Categories managed directly in Shopify - No synch
Advarics WebShop categories imported only during product creation (webShopCategory1,2 and 3)
Advarics WebShop categories in creation and update
Use Advarics GoodsGroupName parameter
Category tree divided by "|", use WebShopCategory1 field to insert the values. Example: WOMAN | OUTDOOR | TREKKING | JACKETS
Product Images No pics synchronization (added in Shopify)
Synchronized with Advarics
Synchronized with Advarics only on product creation
In this section you can configure how products should be created and synchronized on Shopify.

In detail you can choose:

  • Status of products at the time of creation (draft or published)
  • how to manage product with the same article number in Advarics (split or merge)
  • how to manage out of stock products (create/keep or skip/delete
  • how to compose the online product title/name
  • which color info available in Advarics should be used online
  • which label should be used for color and size attribute
  • which Advarics category info should be used to set up Shopify collections
  • define if images should be synchronized between Advarics and the webshop
WebShop synchronization
Synchronization method Update changed records only Force update
Sync from (default last update)
Product to synchronize All products
Single GTIN
WebShop Order propagation Order stops on Shopify Send order to Advarics
In this section you can choose synchronization modes

  • define whether to synchronize only the products that have been changed since the last update (default setting) or to force the update even if the product has not been triggered on Advarics.
  • define when next synchronization will start (time of the last trigger in Advarics)
  • which products should be synchronized
  • define if web shop order should be sent in real time to Advarics
Synchronization schedule
Synch Advarics to Webshop Disabled 10 min 20 min 30 min
Hourly 3 hours Twice daily Daily
Align Advarics to Webhsop
Align Advarics and Webshop by deactivating products that can no longer be sold online (webshop flag removed on Advarics).
ATTENTION: if active, this job is executed nightly!

Move to draft
Delete products and related images
Synchronization can be started manually or scheduled; You can choose to synchronize every 10 minutes or up to once a day.

Since the connector is unable to intercept if a product is removed from the availability of the online shop, there is a feature to realign the webshop. Products that have had the webshop flag removed on Advarics can be either deleted or moved to draft.

Manual synchronization Last successful synchronization finished at: 2023-01-27 14:52:05
Manual product alignment Advarics to Webhsop ACTION DISABLED
Reverse synchro
Log file

Shopify Meta Fields
Create the matrix to map Advarics information to Shopify product meta-fields. Choose the Namespace, meta-field key, type, and Advarics information.
If the meta-field does not exist, the connector will create it.To unmap a meta-field, simply mark the desired row and click the button (this action will not delete existing meta-field values in Shopify).

Namespace Metafield Key Type Advarics Data Unmap
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