Woocommerce Advarics Connector - TEST/DEV

License key2: 138_j1v7iOwiuyJJ
Expiration date: 20231201

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* Required ** Required to connect with Advarics, keep blank for test data
Advarics Settings
Advarics Service-Id **
Advarics API URL **
Advarics Webshop-ID
Advarics Next Webshop customer number
The service ID and API URL must be requested directly from Advarics. These are the keys used to connect the connector to the management system. For testing purposes, you can leave the Service ID field blank; test data will be used in this case.

Remember to mark the Advarics products you wish to import and synchronize as Webshop products
Wordpress Settings
Wordpress User Id *
Wordpress Application Password *
An Application password must be created in your Wordpress Environment; this password is used to authenticate the connector.
The application password must be configured in the profile of a Wordpress user with administration rights.

A guide to adding an application password and obtaining the required codes can be found here.

For any questions or requests please contact our Support
Woocommerce Settings
Webshop URL *
Woo Consumer Key *
Woo Secret Key *
A REST API Key must be created in your Woocommerce system to control access; these keys are linked to the same WordPress users of the previous section.

A guide to creating the Rest Api keys can be found here.

For any questions or requests please contact our Support
WooCommerce Product Settings

Only updates Create new and update existing products Only update existing products
New product status Draft Published
Split/Merge of Advarics Products Split in single webshop products (native Advarics) Merge products with same Article No
Synchronization mode for Title, Excerpt and Content
Exclusively on product creation Always (Advarics master)
Product Name *
Excerpt/Short description To insert an Advarics parameter, use this syntax:% attributename%. The possible attributes are: "articleNo","articleName","brand","inhouseColorNo","inhouseColorName","supplierColorNo", "supplierColorName","webshopArticleNo"

Example: Codex:%articleNo% Color:%inhouseColorName% Brand:%brand%

Product content/Long description
Synch from Advarics Blanc (filled in Woocommerce)
Product Type
Always as Variable Product One dimension Product as Simple
Out of Stock Product/Variants
Create/Keep online out of stock Products/Variants Skip/delete out of stock Products/Variants
Out of Stock threshold
Product/Variant Prices
Insert Advarics prices only during product creation Always update webshop prices with Advarics prices
Woocommerce Product SKU
IMPORTANT: key must be unique, choose Advarics ArticleNo only if it is not a shared value between several products.
Advarics ArticleID Advarics ArticleNo + SupplierColorNo
Product variation ID
Example: if the Complete Advarics GTIN=2000021144101, the short GTIN=21144101, the short GTIN without control char=2114410
Advarics complete GTIN Short GTIN (without prefix) Short GTIN without last control character
Size (WP attribute slug) *
InHouseColor (WP attribute slug)
SupplierColor (WP attribute slug)
Brand (WP attribute slug)
Product Category
Advarics WebShop categories (webShopCategory1,2 and 3)
Advarics WebShop categories imported only during product creation (webShopCategory1,2 and 3)
Category tree divided by "|", use WebShopCategory1 field to insert values. Ex: WOMAN | OUTDOOR | TREKKING | JACKETS
Categories managed directly in WooCommerce - No synch
Product Images
No pics synchronization (added in Woo)
Synchronized with Advarics
Synchronized with Advarics only on product creation
Products without images Do not create products without images Create always
Product Image Name
Advarics filename
In this section you can configure how products should be created and synchronized on Woocommerce.

In detail you can choose:

  • Whether the connector is used to create new products or is only used to update existing products
  • Status of products at the time of creation (draft or published)
  • how to manage product with the same article number in Advarics (split or merge)
  • Define whether the product title and descriptions are to be updated always or only during product creation.
  • Define the product title as a concatenation of different Advarics information
  • how to compose the excerpt or short description using Advarics attributes and HTML tags
  • decide if products with only one variation should be created as simple or variable Woocommerce products
  • how to manage out of stock products (create/keep or skip/delete
  • define the out of stock threshold of your online shop
  • decide how prices should be managed
  • which Woocommerce attributes should be used to map size, inhouse- and supplier color and brand
  • which Advarics category info should be used to set up categories
  • define if images should be synchronized between Advarics and the webshop
  • decide if products without images should be synchronized
  • choose the name of products images
Extra Attributes/Texts
Import Extra Attributes No Yes
Import Extra Texts
No As tag As attribute
It is possible to import both extra attributes (Zugeordnete Attribute) and extra texts (Zugeordnete Texte) into Woocommerce to enrich the product page. Advarics attributes will have to be mapped to the respective Woocommerce attributes, while for texts you can decide whether to use the same approach or to load these as product tags
WebShop synchronization
Synchronization method Update changed records only Force update
Sync from (default last update)
Product to synchronize All products
Single GTIN
WebShop Order propagation Send order to Advarics in real time
Order stops on the webshop (can be manually submitted later)
Order status alignment Disabled
Align Advarics order status with Woocommerce
Coupon alignment Disabled
Align vouchers between Advarics and Woocommerce
In this section you can choose synchronization modes

  • define whether to synchronize only the products that have been changed since the last update (default setting) or to force the update even if the product has not been triggered on Advarics.
  • define when next synchronization will start (time of the last trigger in Advarics)
  • which products should be synchronized
  • define if web shop order should be sent in real time to Advarics; click here to learn how to configure Order Webhook on Woocommerce.
Synchronization schedule
Synch Advarics to Webshop Disabled 10 min 20 min 30 min
Hourly 3 hours Twice daily Daily
Align Advarics to Webshop
Align Advarics and Webshop by deactivating products that can no longer be sold online (webshop flag removed on Advarics).
ATTENTION: if active, this job is executed nightly!

Disabled Move to draft Delete products and related images
Webshop Reverse Synchro
CAUTION: Activate synchronisation for new products placed directly on the webshop(GTIN/EAN as key) Disabled Manual Automatic overnight update
Synchronization can be started manually or scheduled; You can choose to synchronize every 10 minutes or up to once a day.

Since the connector is unable to intercept if a product is removed from the availability of the online shop, there is a feature to realign the webshop. Products that have had the webshop flag removed on Advarics can be either deleted or moved to draft.

Reverse Synch features gives you the possibility to activate synchronisation for products placed directly on the webshop

Manual synchronization Last successful synchronization finished at: 2023-09-22 04:46:23
Manual product alignment Advarics to Webhsop
Reverse synchro ACTION DISABLED
Retrieve customers (import)
Log file
Pesca clienti web esistenti da Advarics
Remove products from webshop Activate product deletion

Create the matrix to map Advarics Extra Attributes to Woocommerce attributes. Choose one Advarics product extra attribute and the corresponding Woocommerce Attribute and click the 'Add attribute' button
To de-associate a pair, simply mark the desired row and click the button (this action will not delete values in Woocommerce).
WARNING: Woocommerce attributes will only be present in the drop-down list after the first synchronisation.

Advarics Extra (Zugeordnetes) Attribut Woocommerce Attribut Delete

Create the matrix to map Advarics Extra Texts to Woocommerce attributes. Choose one Advarics product extra text and the corresponding Woocommerce Attribute and click the 'Add attribute' button
To de-associate a pair, simply mark the desired row and click the button (this action will not delete values in Woocommerce).
WARNING: Woocommerce attributes will only be present in the drop-down list after the first synchronisation.

Advarics Extra (Zugeordneter) Text Woocommerce Attribut Delete
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