With our connector you can synchronize Advarics and GlobalSys merchandise management system with any Shopify and Woocommerce webshop

Advarics Woocommerce Schnittstelle

Overview of Adiabax connector features


  • Multilingual settings page– DE/EN/IT
  • Automatic schedulable synchronization to have your online store always aligned with your management system

  • You can decide whether descriptions, images, prices and web shop categories should always be synchronized, only managed during product creation or directly managed in the online shop

  • Quantities and prices always updated, including sale prices

  • Online product names customization

  • Choose whether articles with only one variation should be treated as  simple products (WooCommerce only)

  • Choose whether products with the same product number should be merged into a single webshop product 

  • You can decide whether products / variants that are out of stock should be deleted from the webshop (and recreated when available again)

  • Import of attributes, texts and extra charectiristics

  • Online orders sent to the management system in real time; cancellations and refunds are also synchronized

  • New webshop customers are imported

  • f you already have a webshop, use the reverse sync function to link your web products to existing management system products.( reverse synch)

  • Possibility to delete or move to draft products that are removed from online availability

  • Import product information as meta fields at product- and variant level (variant level for Shopify only)

  • Map the webshop locations with branches present in the management system (Shopify only)